The Challenge

A previous issue for Xtreme Hair Care was the cost of their old card machine. The fees for their previous card machine were extremely expensive. The hairdresser’s believed they were paying too much for a poor product. When buying a new card machine, they wanted the card machine to be excellent for the price they paid.

Another difficulty they encountered was the card machine’s speed. Customers would have to wait for their payments to be accepted because the card machine was extremely slow. Xtreme Hair Care desired a seamless payment solution, ensuring that customers enjoyed their entire salon experience. The salon provides a high-quality experience, they didn’t want the experience to end poorly due to the slow card machine.

Kerry, the owner, always puts her customer first! The slow checkout was interfering with their ability to accept payments quickly. We immediately contacted the hair salon to offer them a solution. Continue reading to find out how our product assisted Xtreme Hair Care.

The Solution

  • 1 x Card machine.

The Results

We provided Xtreme Hair Care with a reliable card machine to take payments in the salon. Kerry, the owner, is no longer concerned about hidden transaction fees because there are no unpleasant surprises at Emergo, we also customised the card machine price to meet her salon’s needs. In addition, we guarantee our customers and Kerry free customer service, ensuring that they are always supported.

Xtreme Hair Care now accepts payments in seconds! Our card machine has lightning-fast connectivity and security, making it ideal for customers to complete their purchases with no problems.

Among other things, customer service at the salon needed to be enhanced. With our card machine now in place, we were able to help solve this problem and guarantee that no clients would have to wait to pay for their services. Kerry could ensure that customers had the best overall salon experience by providing excellent customer service throughout the customer visit.

Kerry kindly left us a review in which she stated “Emergo provides excellent customer service, and Simone was quick to resolve any issues. Really nice company with quick payments.”

How can we help you?

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