Wishing Hearts Charity

At Emergo we do our best to give back in whatever way we can. Along with the work we do with the Ecologi charity we also work with the Wishing Hearts Charity. Wishing Hearts Charity aims to help older people who suffer from loneliness, depression, and other serious mental and physical health issues.

Loneliness amongst the elderly can lead to a serious decline in their physical health and mental wellbeing. A common concern among the elderly is that they are often left in distress and isolation and don’t have anyone to turn to or have difficulty being able to reach out to others. They face ill health and are likely to struggle more when dealing with the loss of a friend or a loved one. This has been made worse during times of an ongoing pandemic and on and off lockdowns.

Elderly women smiling with young women Due to this the Wishing Hearts Charity grants wishes to older people going through tough times. In doing so it allows them to spend time with others and make them aware they have not been forgotten about. One of the elderly ladies whom the charity supports made a wish to just spend a few hours with someone sitting on a bench, eating ice cream, and discuss the people they see go by. Just having someone volunteer a small amount of their time in their day made an enormous difference to hers. These small acts of kindness are enough to transform and brighten up an elderly person’s life and create warm and lasting memories.

Giving back

Here at Emergo we understand that while our products and devices can reduce social barriers by making transactions quicker, easier, and seamless allowing for operators to spend more time on customer service, we do appreciate that the industry at large, particularly the self-serving processes like online ordering or self-checkout, can sometimes alienate the elderly. It is not uncommon for the elderly to enjoy the social interaction that comes with shopping and making purchases. For some, speaking with shop staff may be the only social interaction they get and look forward to. You may have even heard of news stories of elderly people who visit stores, not to shop, but avoid being lonely.

This is why we want to give back by supporting the Wishing Hearts Charity and the amazing efforts they go to, to help tackle the loneliness and isolation crisis. We do our part by providing a monthly donation and raising awareness to their cause. If you would like to know more please visit www.wishinghearts.co.uk and see how you could get involved.

Elderly man reading on bench

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