How do you choose the best card reader for your business?



For businesses, card readers are crucial. Accepting card payments will increase your sales if your company does not already have one. If you already have a card machine and want to upgrade or find a better supplier, read our blog to help you decide.

Card and contactless methods now account for more than half of all payments in the UK, with approximately 2.1 billion debit card transactions occurring each month, this is why it is critical to obtain a good card payment reader. How do you pick the best card reader for your company? Read on and decide which card machine is best for your business, and learn everything that applies when making that decision.

To help you understand what a card reader is please read our blog post titled “A Guide to What a Card Reader Is”. There you will find additional information about card readers.

What are the different types of card readers?

Discover the most common types of card readers that could benefit your company.

  • Countertop card machine.

The countertop card reader is a fixed/stationary device that is typically kept on the merchant’s countertop. A countertop card reader is not mobile, so customers must approach the card reader to make a payment. This type of card machine is primarily intended for use in the retail industry. If your business is in the retail industry, then this could be ideal for your company. At Emergo we offer a reliable countertop card reader. It is simple to use, accepts payments quickly and has quick receipt printing, among other amazing features. Read The Gourmet Pig’s case study to learn how the food truck use our countertop card machine

  • Portable card reader.

Portable card readers can be used on the go; because they are mobile, you can take them directly to the customer rather than waiting for them to approach the countertop. The portable card machine must be connected to the internet, which can be accomplished via Wi-Fi or 4G connections.

Many businesses in the hospitality industry, such as restaurants, bars, and cafes, use portable card machines because they allow them to take payments at tables or different locations, reducing wait times and increasing transaction volume. Mobile card readers do not restrict a merchant to a single location. The technology enables the company to accept payments while on the go. To process payments, GPRS technology is used. Taxi drivers, food trucks, and tradespeople are among the industries that frequently use mobile card readers. 

Another reason to use a portable card reader in your business is that they are smaller, less clunky, and easier to use. Victoria Snooker Centre is an excellent example of a customer who appreciates using their portable card machine. It allows them to take payments from anywhere, even the pool table! Read the case study today to learn how it has benefited the snooker club.

  • Android card machine app.

An alternative to using a traditional card machine, you can use our latest high-tech product Moola. Our app is available for android smartphones. Accept credit card payments through your phone and empower your small business. Receive payments if you are a startup, freelancer, small independent business owner, or have a new and exciting side hustle.

You can download Moola for free on the Google Play store. Your small business can accept card payments instantly with our innovative mobile contactless payment app.


How do you choose the best card reader for your business?

Thanks to advances in technology, card readers provide numerous features and flexibility that are specific for each business to use. As contactless payments become more popular, you must have a card reader that accepts contactless payments. All card readers are already Chip and Pin enabled, so this is something you don’t need to worry about.

Another factor to consider is how mobile you require your card machine to be. This will be determined by the type of card machine required by your company and we can assist you in matching your needs. You must not only research the type of card reader you require, but you must also select the right provider. Many card reader providers will charge you additional fees and costs throughout the duration of your contract. When deciding on a card reader, keep the following in mind:

  • Transaction fees.

A transaction fee is a small fee charged by card reader providers after a transaction is completed. It is essential to find the right provider with a low transaction fee. You also want that fee to be fixed so that it is simple to calculate when accounting for your business. There are no hidden transaction fees with us, so there are no unpleasant surprises.

  • Transfer speed.

Nobody wants to wait weeks for their payments to be accessible. When purchasing a card reader, you should consider transfer speed. It usually takes 2 or 3 days for funds from a transaction to appear in your account. We offer next-day settlements, which means that your earnings will be deposited into your account the following day!

  • Contracts and recurring fees.

Contract-free or low-contract card machines are a better option. This saves you money and offers your business flexibility.  

  • Customer service.

When purchasing a credit card reader, you need to consider your provider’s customer service and support. Technology can be temperamental; you may need to update software or learn how to perform a specific action on your card machine. This is why customer service and support are critical considerations when purchasing a card reader for your business.  At Emergo we provide free customer service.

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A card reader is a perfect solution for your business, it will allow you to transact more and keep up with the latest payment methods. A good card machine will help improve your customer service and sales. Grow your business with Emergo, we promise not to disappoint. Read our Trustpilot reviews to find out what our customers think.

Our card readers accept payments in a fraction of a second, with lightning-fast connectivity and security. This makes purchasing goods and services far more convenient and this is one reason why it has gained popularity. All types of businesses can benefit from a card reader, take a look at our case studies to see what customers use our card machines. 

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