The Challenge

Weeks Bakery & Tearooms had previously experienced issues with their card machine. They were looking for a card reader with advanced fast connectivity. Their previous card machine had a slow connection, which had a negative impact on the entire business. This was difficult for Weeks Bakery & Tearooms because their checkout process was slow during peak hours.

Weeks Bakery & Tearooms prioritise customer satisfaction. When attempting to provide excellent customer service, the card machine interfered. Customers were unsatisfied and debating their purchases as a result of the long lines and waiting times. Customers on a time limit for lunch breaks had to wait in line to pay with their cards, adding to the poor customer experience and reducing the bakery’s profit. The bakery was unable to provide the level of customer service that they would have preferred. 

This problem affected not only the company but also the owners and employees. They had to deal with unhappy customers while dealing with card machine issues. Emergo wanted to offer the bakery a solution that would allow them to provide a faster service, and take payments quickly and smoothly.

The Solution

  • 1 x Card machine.

The Results

The Bakery now has a card machine, allowing them to accept payments quickly and anywhere in the store, eliminating the need for customers to queue, and making the process faster.

The company also now has a quick and secure way of accepting customer payments and providing a great customer experience. Our card reader accepts Chip and PIN and NFC Contactless. This is great for Weeks Bakery & Tearooms because it allows customers to pay in the way they prefer.

Our card machine is the best solution for the bakery, as it has a 336-hour battery life. The card reader is longlasting and perfect for accepting payments throughout the day.

Caroline and Jason, the owners, kindly said “5 stars because Simone went above and beyond to assist us with setting up our new card machine. She came to the store to assist in making the transactions between providers as smooth as possible. She is always willing to talk with me and answer my questions. I can’t recommend it enough. Thank you so much.”

We thank Caroline and Jason for your wonderful feedback and we are delighted to hear that they received excellent customer service. We enjoy assisting businesses in reaching their full potential and succeeding. The Emergo team is overjoyed to assist Weeks Bakery & Tearooms.

How can we help you?

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