The Challenge

Victoria Snooker Centre had previously encountered difficulties with taking payments. Firstly, they paid a higher price for a lower-quality card machine. They concluded that we could provide them with a better card reader for a more reasonable price, which would benefit their business.

The previous card machine had an impact on their service. Customers would have to wait for their payments to be accepted because the card machine was slow. Victoria Snooker Centre desired a seamless payment experience as well as a card machine that could process payments quickly.

As the card machine was time-consuming, they were unable to prioritise more important tasks, such as customer service. The owners, Graham and Liam Martin, felt it was unnecessary to waste time taking payments at such a slow pace and desired a better card machine to assist them.

We knew when we contacted the snooker club that our technology would be an excellent solution for them.


The Solution

  • 1x Receipt printer.
  • 1x Card machine.
  • 1x EPOS till.

The Results

Victoria Snooker Centre now has our fast card machine, which allows them to take payments quickly and get paid instantly. Our card machine is portable, so they can accept payments anywhere in the club, including the snooker table! This is ideal for club members because they can pay where they are playing and do not have to queue.

The EPOS till enabled the snooker club to effectively monitor their stock, such as snooker equipment and alcohol for the bar. The reports enable them to manage and control their business to maximise profit, maintain control, and scale efficiently. This is a huge benefit for Snooker Centre now that they can monitor their business and maximise efficiency.

The snooker club also requested a receipt printer so that their customers would have the option of receiving a receipt. This is ideal because they sell snooker equipment and customers can receive proof of purchase in the event of a return.

Graham & Liam Martin, the owners said “Les and the team have been a great help, the Emergo system is great, especially regarding money going in quickly and the system is great to control stock. Great system.”


How can we help you?

We enjoy sharing our success stories, and we would be delighted to assist you. If you require a new EPOS system, please contact us for a customised quote. Our helpful sales team will work with you to find the best solution for your business.

You can also check out our blog section for more tips and advice to help your business succeed. You can also look at our other case studies, which feature all of the fantastic businesses we’ve already helped.


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