The Challenge

Previously, the pub had issues with its old card machine. The card machine was difficult to use, making it challenging to accept payments. This was a major issue for The Windmill as the owners struggled to serve customers, process orders, and even accept payments.

Their customer service suffered as a result of the previous card machine. The card machine was slow so customers would have to wait for their payments to be accepted. For a pub, this is considered poor service because customers want to pay for their drinks quickly so they can enjoy themselves with friends or watch a football game.

As the pub only had one card machine and no EPOS systems, all of the stock had to be calculated manually when taking payments, which was time-consuming. The pub needed a faster solution to help manage its stock control.

The owners, Wayne and Kayla, felt it was unnecessary to waste time taking payments at such a slow pace and wished for better products that would assist them with their problems. They were both aware of the slow services and dissatisfied customers. 

We contacted The Windmill Pub because we were confident our technology could help overcome their challenges.

The Solution

  • 2 x Card machines.
  • 1 x EPOS till.
  • 1 x Cash draw.

The Results

To begin, we provided The Windmill Pub with two of our fast card machines. This allowed them to accept payments quickly, thereby reducing queue times for customers. Our card machines are also portable, which is fantastic for the pub as payments could be taken at tables or even in the garden area, which is ideal for the summer.

The EPOS till was the perfect addition for the pub. They can now keep track of their stock, such as alcohol for the bar. The reports enable them to manage and control their business to maximise profit and maintain control. This is a huge benefit for The Windmill Pub because they can now monitor their business and use the data to make informed business decisions.

The pub also accepts cash payments regularly. We supported this by providing a new cash draw for the pub. Our cash draw will ensure that the checkout process is quick and seamless for customers who prefer this payment method.

Wayne, the owner, left a positive review and stated “I would highly recommend! Customer service is excellent, as are the products.”

How can we help you?

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