At Emergo we offer a new payment experience to merchants and our customers in the SME sector. Our innovative, mobile, and fully integrated set of 4 key products – payment acceptance, EPOS software, customer loyalty, and online ordering, couldn’t be any better for small to medium businesses.

No need for basic tills or card payment terminals clogging up your counter space. Our terminals and devices allow you to process your usual transactions as well as easily track your stock levels and implement loyalty schemes that do away with easily lost loyalty cards. Also, merchants with multiple stores can use Emergo EPOS for centralised reporting from all their stores and terminals and have them emailed directly to their accounts.Hand holding portable EPOS device

Our solutions allow merchants to be agile in their operations. Efficient and easy to use, those coming from the hospitality sector will greatly benefit from our devices. Our handheld devices allow servers to easily take orders from your menu that has been uploaded to the device, pass them on to the kitchen printers, and process the payment there and then from anywhere in your store. Alternatively, payment can be taken at any point in the customer journey if desired through tab management or suspended transactions.

Being able to take orders and payments from customers in a more flexible manner is a must for all forward-thinking businesses since the pandemic hit. Current EPOS and payment systems do not offer that mobility required, leaving staff struggling to effectively take orders and payments from customers in a timely manner, leading to a bad customer experience.

Our devices allow for customer loyalty through payment card tokenisation. This is also an ‘instant’ transaction at the point of order or payment and removes the need for the issuance of pesky customer loyalty cards. In addition, any sign-up information needed can also be completed there and then and saved onto the device allowing for paperless sign-up.

The CRM our EPOS system uses also allows you to have great insight into your customer. You can capture names and addresses as well as regular spending habits and adjust your loyalty offerings accordingly.

Emergo 3 in 1 portable device- Payments, Loyalty and EPOS

For many years now the Payment, EPOS & Loyalty technologies available for SMEs have been substandard, disjointed, and expensive, making it practically impossible for SME retailers to compete with their mid-tier and enterprise-level competitors.

No longer are EPOS terminals just reserved for large businesses. Our team at Emergo value small to medium-sized business and are driven by the desire to support the bounce-back of the hospitality and retail industry. We support merchants by providing a cost-effective and technologically advanced solution, with consultative onboarding and support, not just during the initial installation but throughout your contract with us. Depending on your wants and needs you can choose which EPOS terminal is right for you.

Since our launch, we have begun onboarding initial clients. Restaurants, Bars, Wedding Venues, and Takeaways joined the Emergo community before the hospitality relaunch on the 12th of April 2021.

Our growth has been rapid and businesses from the retail and hospitality sector will soon be able to create a personalised online storefront through our Go Eat Product. Our Go Eat product allows you to create your own subdomain in which you can list all of your menu items and streamline collection and delivery for your store. Through the back office, you can quickly and easily set up your products by adding imagery, nutritional and allergen information, dietary labels, and descriptive text of your choice. You can also use dedicated reports to detail your sales, VAT information, and top-selling products.

You will be able to easily process orders and move them through the different stages of your preparation and adjust your delivery radius and delivery charge if you want to go further afield. Check out our Go Eat demo site to see what your store could look like.

In addition to our EPOS services and products, we aim to make the sign-up and installation process as seamless as possible. Our process involves completing a simple merchant form, speaking with someone from our sales team, and before you know it you could have a new Emergo EPOS device of your choice.Emergo's fixed till deviceEmergo UK rose from our CEO’s vision, Les Jeal, to develop, progress, and enhance the EPOS industry’s technology, make it more easily available to SMEs and make it work in a way that makes purchasing habits easier for the consumer, not just the retailer.  ‘After over 10 years in the industry, I found it strange and frustrating how dated the thinking was towards EPOS, payment, and loyalty technology. The thinking has always been to put systems in place in a standard format and expect customers to queue up at a set place, to download an app, or remember a stamp card each time for loyalty. The responsibility on the customer to work within the retailers’ ways of working were dated and lazy thinking. This allowed us to think differently and develop a suite of products that starts with the customer experience first and work back towards the technology in true Steve Jobs style’.

 As our customers say – ‘fantastic system that has made life much easier!’

We are a growing team with big ideas and have huge ambitions for Emergo. Each member brings an abundance of knowledge and experience to their sector.

We also choose a name to reflect the hard work of our team and how quickly we have risen from such humble beginnings. Emergo /em – er – go/ – I emerge; arrive; to rise up. A philosophy, we here at Emergo, like to live by.

More Emergo Facts:

  • Made in Kent
  • Loves coffee
  • Crystal Palace Fans
  • Likes pizza
  • Eco Warriors

We are involved in a number of good causes including the Wishing Hearts Charity and the Ecologi Tree Planting Environmental Organisation in which we have planted our own trees and built our own forest to combat our business’s carbon footprint.

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