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The Challenge 

The restaurant was taking orders via pen and paper. This was particularly challenging as they are a busy restaurant and during busy periods there would be a lot of rushing around to process orders and push them through to the kitchen. This meant their customers were having to wait longer for their orders and staff would also be stressed and rushed off their feet trying to serve their guests as quickly as possible.

Initially, they were with a company that provided them with fast payment acceptance and were reluctant to switch over to another company. However, the owners realised they needed a system in place which would speed up their order-taking process.

After finding out about our 3 in 1 solution, which included EPOS, payments acceptance, and contactless loyalty, it was not long until they were signed up to our company.

The Solution

  • 1 x Fixed till.
  • 2 x Handheld devices integrated with EPOS, payments, and contactless loyalty.

The Results

With our systems now in place it meant the staff could process orders instantly and at a much quicker pace. This meant less stress on the staff as there is no longer any need to go back and forth between diners and the kitchen to relay orders. As customers are being served quicker the business owners have seen a dramatic improvement in their customer service levels.

Payments are also processed significantly faster using our portable terminals. The customers payments can now be processed on the spot at the table rather than having staff walk back and forth between diners and the fixed till. This not only saves time but increases customer satisfaction levels.

The handheld terminal that they purchased also came with our payment loyalty solution. This means that the restaurant can easily reward their customers for choosing to dine with them.

Our terminals use card tokenisation. This means it remembers the customer’s card or payment device and how many times it has been used to make a purchase at the restaurant. If the customer has made a set amount of purchases that entitles them to a discount or free item, the staff are made aware instantly so they can offer the reward to be redeemed by the customer.

No registration is required, and no loyalty stamp cards are issued. Customers and employees both do very little. It’s just a matter of tapping and redeeming.

Nuno can easily switch off campaigns during busy periods when he has no need for them and switch them back on during quieter periods to encourage trade. He also has access to vital reporting features that allow him to identify if his campaigns are working and which ones work best. In addition, he can also further entice his customers to spend more money at his restaurant by using a gamification feature that is included in the solution in which his customers can play games to win rewards.

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Improved customer service

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A 3-in-1 solution with EPOS, payments and contactless loyalty

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Streamlined processes

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Optimised payments and loyalty programme

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