The Importance of Loyalty at Christmas


With Christmas quickly approaching, many businesses will have already begun preparing for the holiday rush. But did you know how important customer loyalty is during the holiday season?

What is Emergo’s payment loyalty?

With our cutting-edge technology, your business can ditch the loyalty cards and go digital. Customers dislike being inundated with loyalty cards, stamp cards, or being asked for information that they do not wish to provide.

All a customer requires is a credit card or their card on their smartphone, such as Apple Pay. When a customer purchases an item from your store, they pay for it as usual with a card machine, and once their payment has been authorised, the card machine will ask the customer if they want to join your loyalty programme.

By remembering the chip in the card, Emergo converts customer payment cards into loyalty cards. There are no additional cards for your customers to carry or for your staff to process, so there are no checkout delays. They only need to tap, redeem, and enjoy.

But, while this all sounds great, you might be wondering how it will help my business during the holiday season? Here are four simple reasons why loyalty is so important in the run-up to Christmas.

1. Loyalty programmes foster a strong emotional bond.

Customers have already begun purchasing Christmas gifts in stores and online. Customers are constantly on the lookout for discounts, sales, and freebies to help them save money. According to, “it is clear that emotions play a large role. When given an unexpected gift, a positive charge is felt, and this sensation of joy is likely to have a significant impact on the subsequent choice.

Loyalty programmes not only boost sales but also creates strong emotional bonds and increase customer lifetime value. Customer emotional bonds are so important in an era when customers have so many options for shops and online outlets.

Your loyalty programme can be tailored to your customers’ preferences. For example, if you own a café, you might want to give a free mince pie, a Christmas cookie, or eggnog to a customer on their fifth visit.

2. Increase your customers lifetime value

Loyalty programmes encourage customers to return to your establishment. New customer acquisition is typically much more difficult and costly.

During the holiday season, it is critical to increase your company’s lifetime value of customers. Payment-linked loyalty can assist you in avoiding higher churn rates and retaining high-value customers. These returning customers will boost your company’s ROI.

Customers who are loyal to you will personally recommend your loyalty programme to others, which will help you gain new customers.

3. Loyalty helps you reach new customers

While loyalty is primarily focused on existing customers, it can also be used to acquire new customers. Offering loyalty incentives to new customers who purchase products from your company will start to form an emotional bond.

Many businesses are uninterested in making emotional connections with their customers or in providing meaningful sales, freebies, or discounts. Your business will not only help build connections, but it will also increase sales by harvesting new and existing customers and offering incentives to products they would want.

New technology is an excellent tool for attracting new customers; it will set you apart from your competitors and propel your company to the forefront of its industry.

Christmas Shopping

4. Gain customer insight

Loyalty programmes also allow you to view customer insights, which means you can learn about how your customers interact with your loyalty programme and brand.

Insights may include which types of customers spend the most at your business and which types of customers use your loyalty programme. You can also determine how far apart each customer visit is when they use your loyalty rewards versus when they do not.

Customer data and insights help build businesses, and you can use this information to improve yours. Data benefits not only your company but also your customers.

There is no need to spend a fortune on design

Our solutions enable you to quickly and easily create and deploy custom-branded campaigns. There’s no need to hire developers or designers to create a loyalty programme for you when you can do it all yourself.

You can create a loyalty programme to match your branding in a few simple steps, choose what offer you want if there is a minimum spend to redeem a reward, what the reward is, and how many times a customer needs to visit to get it.

Perhaps you’ll be offering a free hair wash or allowing customers to redeem a free cup of hot cocoa or a free beer. Whatever campaign you choose, setting up your Christmas loyalty programmes, offers, and discounts with Emergo has never been easier.

Giving Christmas gifts and discounts to your customers will ensure that they have a Merry Christmas. Did you know that you can use our loyalty programmes for other holidays, events, or celebrations? You can also create loyalty rewards for specific holidays like New Year’s Day, Easter, and Valentine’s Day.

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