The Challenge

Due to The George’s location, they had network connectivity issues with their previous card machine. This was challenging when trying to take payments from customers quickly. The pub and restaurant struggled with their old card machine because it frequently crashed, preventing payments to be taken and slowing down the service.

Another issue that The George faced was providing good customer service. Customer service suffered as a result of ongoing problems with their old card machine. Payments were made at such a slow pace that customers had to wait in line to pay for their drinks and meals. 

Another issue that the pub needed assistance with was inventory and product management. With no efficient system in place, it was the staff’s responsibility to manage all critical reporting tasks, such as keeping track of inventory, and profit. This resulted in time being wasted. The owners desired a more reliable way to take control of reports and save time.

When we got in touch with The George, we were confident that our cutting-edge technology would solve their problems.

The Solution

  • 2 x Fixed EPOS Tills with 2 integrated card machines
  • 1 x Card machine

The Results

The George now has two of our fixed EPOS tills with two integrated card machines. The pub can now accept payments at a quicker pace. When it comes to accepting payments at the bar, our innovative technology has enabled the pub to work smarter, faster, and more efficiently. Staff can operate our tills with ease, ensuring that customer payments are processed quickly and securely.

Our EPOS tills have allowed the pub and restaurant to streamline their business processes, saving business owners time. When it came to reporting, The George wanted a simple solution to assist staff. Our EPOS provides a selection of over 30 reports, such as profitability and low stock. This is ideal for the pub because it allows the staff and owners to manage and control their business in order to maximise profits. The George now feels in command and can scale efficiently.

Finally, we provided The George with a portable card machine, allowing staff to accept payments from anywhere. This allowed the pub to accept payments in the garden throughout the summer season, as well as at tables, avoiding queues at the bar. With our products, we also help improve customer service. Customers are now prioritised and their experience is seamless with a simple checkout experience.

We offer free customer service at Emergo! Hearing positive comments from our customers is a thoughtful gesture that makes the effort worthwhile. Manager Faye generously left a review stating “Any issues have been resolved quickly, and the tills are simple to use with images and easy to train new staff. I would strongly recommend Emergo to anyone.”

How can we help you?

We specialise in payments, EPOS, online ordering, or contactless loyalty. We can also help you to take payments from your smartphone! Learn how Emergo can help your business and increase your efficiency. Please contact us for a customised quote. Our helpful sales team will work with you to find the best solution for your business.

You can also check out our blog section for more tips and advice to help your business succeed. You can also look at our other case studies, which feature all of the fantastic businesses we’ve already helped.

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