The Challenge 

Prior to signing with Emergo, the restaurant had already signed with our competitor Sumup for their payment acceptance needs.

The problem the owners were having was that Sumup did not provide an efficient EPOS system for their needs. This included access to stock control features and staff management tools. The owners also wanted to view key reporting features to see how well their business was performing.

In addition, their card machine was fixed at the counter. They did not have a portable terminal that would allow staff to take payments at the table where guests were seated. This led to slower services and a lot of staff members circling back and forth between diners and the card reader at the counter. 

Customer service levels were being impacted as diners had to wait longer to pay for their meals. The inability to process payments quickly impacted the speed of order taking.

These slow level of services was affecting the business’s customer satisfaction levels and their sales and revenue.

The Cornish food hub outdoor meal

The solution

  • 2 x handheld terminals
  • 1 x fixed tills
  • Boosted Wi-Fi signal

The Results

The business owners switched from Sumup and purchased 2 of our handheld payment terminals. This meant staff could now take payments where guests were seated. There was less time being spent rushing back and forth to take and process payments and more time spent on customer service. We also boosted the business’s Wi-Fi signal so staff would not have to deal with slow payment processing due to a weak connection.

The owners also purchased a fixed till. They now have access to key stock control and staff management features. They can now also view vital financial reports regarding their business. This includes top-selling product item reports and being able to track their income and expenses more efficiently. 

As staff can now take payments much faster they can offer much better levels of customer service which is reflected in the increase in the business’s sales and revenue. The owner’s access to our reporting features also means they can make informed business decisions about the future plans of their restaurant’s expansion. 

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Improved customer service

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Quick payments

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Reduced manual labour

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Key reporting insights

How can we help you?

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