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The Barley Mow

The Challenge 

The Barley Mo is both a pub and restaurant business. The problem arose when people came in to eat the restaurant’s delicious food and then wanted to order alcoholic drinks to go with it or vice-versa.

The wait staff was still taking orders using pen and paper. This meant they’d write down the order, walk to the kitchen to pass on the dinner order, and then walk all the way to their pub area to complete the drinks order.

It was time-consuming. Customers would have to wait longer for their food and drinks, the wait staff was rushing around everywhere to process orders in both areas of their business, and if there was an error on the order it would create even more work and cause customers to wait even longer.

There was also the issue of having to go back and forth between orders and the till. The managers of Barley Mo highlighted just how much of a hassle this was for them. Not just when processing food and drink orders but when it came to taking payments.

Processing payment transactions at the end of a customer’s visit would be time-consuming, especially when guests wanted to split the bill. In addition, if other members of staff were using the till it meant you would have to wait in line to process your payment.

The Barley Mow inside setting

The Solution

  • 1 x Fixed till with printer
  • 1 x Pax payment terminal
  • 1x Handheld device

The Results

Initially, the business brought a fixed till from us with a payment terminal. This solved the problem of processing orders for both the restaurant and the pub. Now when a customer wanted a drink with their food the drinks order could quickly be pushed through to their pub section and vice-versa. However, they still could not process payments fast and efficiently enough. Customers were still having to wait to pay their bill. This was impacting their customer service levels.

After purchasing our fixed till and payment devices the managers were impressed by the speed of our systems. As a result, they opted to purchase our portable terminal.

This meant they would no longer have to rush back and forth to the cash register to process orders and payments.

Both food, drink orders, and payments can be now be made at the table. Any bills that needed splitting could easily be done on the spot at the table when customers had finished their meal and are ready to pay.

Another key aspect of our systems that Barley Mo was so impressed with was our reporting features. Being both a pub and restaurant they wanted reports from both businesses to be made separately. Our reporting features now allowed them to view and download payments and sales information individually from both their businesses.

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Improved customer service

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Reduced manual labour

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Streamlined process

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Advanced reporting features

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