Want Your Own Online Food Business? Meet Go Eat

Go Eat

Starting your own online food business might seem like a difficult task, but it is not, not if you use Go Eat. A free platform allowing your online food business to take online orders seamlessly. 

Keep reading, to help you decide if Go Eat is right for your online food store.

Why set up an online food store?

Starting an online store makes sense if you already have a food business or restaurant. Here are some of the benefits of opening an online food store for your company. You can make your customers’ lives easier by delivering their favourite food to their door. Give customers the option of delivery, pick-up, or table service. This is more convenient, as it caters to your customer’s individual needs and desires.

An online food business allows you to increase sales and profits while spending nothing. Sign up for free in 15 minutes with Go Eat and receive 0% commission, no contract, and no hidden costs. It’s that simple! With the food delivery industry expanding by 42%, Go Eat allows you to differentiate your business by customising your storefront. Add your branding, logo, colours, and images exactly how you want them.

How can Go Eat benefit your business?

Whether you own a pizza parlour or a fish and chip shop, Go Eat can host your online store.

Go Eat can help you process orders if you own a dessert shop and want to deliver sweet treats to people’s homes. We have an order dashboard that makes ordering easier. This is where you can see your orders and move them through different stages such as preparing, ready, and delivered.

As a dessert shop, you can make various new products such as ice cream, milkshakes, and even waffles or crepes. When adding new products to the menu, it is extremely simple to adjust and add new products to your online store. Furthermore, Go Eat allows you to add product modifiers because we all love extra chocolate sauce or ice cream with our waffles! These features are ideal for a dessert shop that is constantly coming up with new ideas and products, as well as having a variety of add-ons to keep customers happy. 

So far, we’ve discussed how Go Eat can help a dessert shop, but how can Go Eat help a sandwich shop?

A sandwich shop would be ideal for online delivery, especially during lunchtime for people who work in the office, work at home, and many other sandwich lovers. With rush hour at lunch, Go Eat allows you to take control of your orders while updating customers on the status of their orders at various stages of preparation. If you’re overwhelmed by online orders, you can pause them at any time, and we’ve created a back office complete with an order dashboard, reports, and site configuration. This allows you to report orders throughout the day, calculate the payments expected and made, and many other features that allow you to keep track of how your online store is performing.

How do I get started with Go Eat?

Like what you’ve heard so far? Now we’ll go over how to get started and set up with Go Eat in 2  simple steps.

1 . Sign up for free

The first step is to sign up for Go Eat and begin your onboarding process by entering relevant information about your business. 

2 . Set up our store

After completing our simple onboarding process, you can begin to personalise your store. You will be given access to the Go Eat platform, where you will be able to add menu items and product modifiers to your menu. You can even add delivery and collection information to suit your operating hours and days. Go Eat also allows you to include your company’s logo, colours, and images to promote your business. After you’ve completed this, you could have your own online store up and running the same day.

Visit our website to see our demo for inspiration for your online store! 


Why choose Go Eat?

Go Eat is a no-brainer! We provide a real-time order dashboard and you can assign a service fee that you keep 100% of. You’ll also get notifications to keep you updated on new orders. The platform also allows you to reward your customers. Whereas other companies in the industry charge you 30% Go Eat enables you to pass on any of your savings to your customers if you wish.

We’ve also added reports on your takings and order activity that you can access from anywhere, at any time. This enables you to review reports in your own time when it’s necessary for your business. Another advantage of Go Eat is that you can set up your system in minutes! Registration takes approximately 15 minutes, and then you can start adding products and customising your online store however you want!

When launching your online store Go Eat is adaptable to any business; there are no contracts, no sign-up fees, and no hidden costs. The process is so simple that any business owner can meet and complete it. If you are concerned about how it works for customers Go Eat offers a simple three-step checkout process for your customers. They just have to place their order, enter in essential personal details only, no email information or sign-up required, and then they pay. 


You can have your online store up in running in minutes thanks to our simple sign-up process.

If you want more information visit our Go Eat page or contact our friendly sales team if you have any questions about how Go Eat can work for your company.

You can also find more information and exclusive updates and news on our Facebook and Instagram pages. On our hub, you can also learn more about Go Eat, as well as find the most recent online ordering tips and advice for business owners.

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