The Challenge

The old card machine at Rochester Airport made it difficult to accept payments from wherever they wanted. Staff had difficulty accepting payments from customers because the card machine was not portable, complicating the process.

This also caused the airport to provide poor customer service; their card machine was unproductive and unreliable. They struggled to provide customers with a smooth service, and offer quick payments.

The airport’s profit was also affected because the excess price of the old card machines increased. This meant they were overpaying for a poor product. This had an impact on the staff which caused frustration as the card machine was hard to use and unreliable in busy months.

We had great confidence that our portable card reader would solve all of the problems that Rochester Airport was experiencing. Continue reading to find out how we solved these problems. 

The Solution

  • 1 x Card machine.

The Results

We provided Rochester Airport with a portable fast card machine. They are now very happy with the card reader we provided them. Our cordless card machine makes it easy for them to accept payments from customers. They are able to accept payments from anywhere with no stress, such as accepting payments from the traffic control tower. This made the payment process quick and easy for staff.

Since the airport can now accept payments from anywhere, customers will find it more convenient. It’s so simple pilots could even pay in their planes! Poor customer service is no longer an issue because our card machine is quick, convenient, and simple for staff to use. Customers now receive the best support and service.

The business was impacted by an increase in costs for their old card reader. Paying for a product that wasn’t helping them was unfair. At Emergo, there are no unpleasant surprises or hidden fees. We provided Rochester Airport with excellent service, high-quality goods, and no hidden fees.

The airport also chose our next-day settlement feature, their funds are deposited into their account the following day. This is another benefit the airport had by choosing an Emergo card machine.

Airport Manager, Kelvin kindly said “The Emergo card machine is extremely simple to use! It is cordless, allowing staff to take payments from anywhere, which is ideal for our company, especially during busy months”

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