The Challenge 

The Ramblers Rest contacted us because they needed a quick payment solution, as well as a company that provided good customer service and could assist them if they had any needs.

Previously, they struggled to communicate with their supplier due to the distance, however as Emergo is a small Maidstone-based business, this was ideal for them. The cafe is a prosperous local business. With their payments solution, they wanted to keep the business personable, and professional, and have a payment provider who was easy to contact.

This challenge impacted not only the company but also the owners and employees. They had to deal with customers while dealing with problems with their card machines, resulting in poor service overall. As the card machine was slow, many customers had to wait for an extended period of time to pay for their food at the cafe. 

Emergo wanted to provide a solution for the cafe that would allow it to provide faster service while also appearing more professional.

The Solution

  • 1 x Card machine

The Results

Ramblers Rest Café now has a card machine, which allows them to accept payments quickly and anywhere in the cafe, eliminating the need for customers to queue.

When the cafe started offering a wider variety of meals and events, a quick card machine helped their business work to its full potential.

The business now has a quick, secure way of taking customer payments and offering a great customer experience.

At Emergo, we enjoy assisting businesses in succeeding and reaching their full potential. The Emergo team was ecstatic to help Ramblers Rest Café.

Jon Donoghue, the owner said “Emergo is a great company to have in your corner. Fantastic support from our customer success manager sales team and resolution team who even contacted us on a Sunday to check everything is okay. The previous provider was only interested in their monthly charge these guys and girls actually care.”

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Quick payment processing

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Improved customer service

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Cutting-edge technology

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Secure and safe payments

How can we help you?

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