The Challenge 

The challenge for the Pharmacie Café was that it was difficult to take and process orders properly because they were using pen and paper. The employees were spending a lot of time writing down orders and passing them to the kitchen.

Customers were not being served quickly enough, and the café’s processes were out of date, causing the café’s operations to be slow.

Ismail said before Pharmacie Café chose Emergo, “We were using pen and paper the old-fashioned way, which took longer to process orders and prepare bills.”

The Solution

  • 1x Handheld terminal for mobile payments.
  • 1x Fixed till for fast EPOS operation.
  • 1x Cash draw to support cash users,

The Results

We helped the Pharmacie Café by providing them with a till and card machine so that they could accept payments quickly, whether at a table or the counter. Since implementing Emergo solutions, the Pharmacie Café has found our products to be simple to use, and their day-to-day operations run smoothly.  

In a few simple steps, the café can now accept orders, send them to the kitchen, and accept payments. Our products have saved a lot of time, and the daily service they provide is much more efficient. 

In addition, the café now provides better customer service, which increases customer loyalty and generates customer referrals. 

In conclusion, Ismail described Emergo in one word: “perfect!” He also enjoyed working with our operations assistant, Nina. 

Our “service and support” were his favourite aspects of working with us. After signing up online and speaking with sales, Ismail said, “the process was very easy.” 

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Improved customer service

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Reduced manual labour

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Streamlined process

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Operations run smoothly

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