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If you’re a restaurant owner with an online store who is struggling in these challenging times, creating high-quality images of your delicious menu offerings could be just what you need to boost your sales. 

 People usually remember only 10% of the information they read or hear. If you pair that information with relevant images, the percentage skyrockets to 65%. 

 Showcasing your food effectively could be an overlooked answer to boosting your sales. Research shows restaurants experience an increase in sales by up to 24% when they have photographs on their menu.

Let’s explore some of the reasons why having the right images on your online store is so powerful in boosting your sales. 

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It helps the consumer make a decision 

Product photos capture attention. If a consumer is deciding on what meal they want to order you should have clear and colourful images of your menu items to allow them to easily come to a decision. With this, it means they are more likely to order from you if your images are more appealing than other businesses. 

In addition, people make visual judgments quickly, if your images make a great first impression it will increase your chances of consumers ordering from you. 

You build your brands credibility

Images are much easier to share on social media channels. This aids in spreading the word about your business. As a result, not only, will your sales increase but posting these images on popular platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest is a free and simple process allowing you to save money on marketing costs while boosting your businesses credibility.

They can help consumers alleviate any doubts 

Food images appeal to customers and encourage them to click on and explore your website. Inspiring and professional photos are likely to help in alleviating any potential doubts about the quality of food you offer. 

The right images provide you with a competitive edge 

Consumers who order food online are inundated with options. In a heavily saturated market, you need to be able to stand out. You should always assume that your customers will check your competitors’ sites before making a final purchase decision. That’s why your photos must be enticing to convey your menu in the most appealing way possible. This will help in capturing the customer’s attention and sale quickly.

Now we’ve established why food visualisation is so important on your website let’s investigate how you can create these visually appealing images of your menu.  

You don’t need to spend a fortune on a professional photographer. All you need is your smartphone and you’re good to go. Here are some of the things to consider when taking the picture-perfect image of your dishes:

 Lightening – Lighting is a key factor in creating a successful image. It can impact tone, mood, and atmosphere. Having clear bright images of your food will influence customers to choose your visually pleasing, and delicious-looking dishes over your competitor. 

Layout – You can get creative with white plates, tableware, to-go wrappers, or even place the food on a cutting board. Arrange any additional items to go with your image artfully and leave enough space to focus on the food. 

Editing – With so many free photo editing platforms you can edit the colour to make food items look more irresistible, boost their sharpness and enhance their brightness. Touch-ups like colour saturation or filters can make your food look even better. This will allow you to offer the most picture-perfect visuals of your menu items increasing your chances to boost sales. 

Taking picture of food

Use Go Eat as your online ordering platform and showcase your visual menu.

Our free online ordering platform allows you to easily create an online store in as little as 15 minutes. You can enter your menu information such as food titles and descriptions and effortlessly upload your mouth-watering images to go alongside it. It’s not enough just to have the perfect images for your online takeaway store you need a platform that will allow you to upload them and enter in all the information that goes with it as seamlessly as possible. Our Go Eat product does just that. 

The Go Eat platform lets you upload your menu, customise your store to match your brand, and add fulfilment information. To top it off there’s 0% commission and no monthly fees or contract. 

Take excellent photographs and put them to good use on Go Eat

Taking the time and effort to create and upload mouth-watering clear and bright images of your menu items on your online store can help boost your sales. Use the tips in this article to create high-quality images and use Go Eat to upload them on. By using our platform, you can make sure all aspects of your online store are optimised.

Go Eat back officeWant to get started with Go Eat?

You can find out more about Go Eat here and how it can help you gain better control over your online takeaway, dining, and collection services. Alternatively, you also have the option to sign up right away for free and begin setting up your online store within minutes. 

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