Finally, you can use your mobile phone as a card machine!

Moola is an android phone payment app that allows you to receive payment on your phone.

To take a payment, customers tap their card or device on the back of your phone, this enables contactless payment via NFC technology. The Moola pos app makes it simple to accept contactless payments with your smartphone. There is no need for additional hardware, Bluetooth pairing, a monthly contract, or waiting for bacs payments, instead, you will be paid instantly. You can receive payments on your phone in seconds.

Your small business can accept card payments instantly with our innovative mobile contactless payment app. The Moola android app is free to download, and we have low payment processing fees of 1.25% per transaction (a 3p authorisation fee applies) for all UK debit and credit cards.

How does Moola work?

Download the Moola App

The Moola app is available on Google Play Store. You can install it by clicking here.

Setup the Moola app

Once the Moola app is installed on your phone, you will see the app icon on your screen. Set up the app and start the onboarding process.


Take secure, powerful payments.

We will email you your sign-in information once the onboarding process is complete. Enjoy how simple it is to accept payments with your mobile phone. Watch your company thrive!


Can my business use Moola?

Moola is the perfect app to help grow your business. From the hospitality, retail, and beauty industry. Swipe through to see what types of businesses can use Moola.

Download Moola for free

Accept payments directly on your phone. Take card and contactless payments via Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

No additional hardware is required. All your customers have to do is tap their card or phone on the back of your phone.

Compatible with Wi-Fi and 4G. Lightning-fast connectivity and security.

Takings are processed quickly. Your takings will be transferred directly to your bank account, no waiting for bacs payments.

If you need to provide receipts to customers, you can offer receipts by email, QR code, or print a receipt via a Bluetooth-connected printer.


For more FAQs and to learn how to use Moola, troubleshoot a problem, and get answers to your questions. Please visit our help centre.