The Challenge 

The owner, Karen, was experiencing issues with their card machines. Their card machines had signal problems, which caused them to cut out when customers tried to pay. In addition, the machines were extremely slow. This resulted in long queues and lower levels of customer satisfaction. The business also had only one till to process sales, which also contributed to slow services.

Another challenge the pet store faced was that the support they received from their current card provider was insufficient. They desired more support and assistance. They wanted a company that they could rely on, as well as a customer support team that was local, friendly, and eager to assist them.

All of these challenges caused even more problems for the shop during covid. As many people brought more animals, the business grew rapidly and needed faster payment processing. The owners desired a reliable technology that would allow them to queue bust and accept customer payments quickly and efficiently.

The Solution

  • 1 x Payment Terminals
  • 1 x EPOS Fixed Till
  • 1 x EPOS Handheld Till

The Results

We chose to implement the payment terminal first. This helped them combat long queues and provide quick payment processing. After we installed the card machine, we offered them EPOS software. All of this at a cheaper rate than they were paying.

The payment terminals provided a more modern and streamlined process. The owners can now respond more quickly and provide better service to their customers. Karen told us “The payment terminal was installed. Immediately, we were pleased with how fast cards were being processed! And the rates were in direct relation to our previous provider.”

We then got to work on getting their EPOS system set up and running. We had to migrate 6,000 SKUs and barcode data over to the new system. Karen told us “Michael (our Customer Success Manager) handheld us throughout the installation and prior to this got the till operating the way we needed it to.“

We also needed to create quick button items, which meant that the customer didn’t have to lift heavy 25kg food bags. These quick buttons allowed customers to quickly access popular items without having to scroll through the product menu or lift to scan them. Karen said, “Michael took time to understand which items we needed to have ‘fast buttons’ for and created a screen that was useable for our business.”

Mid Kent Pet Foods also had access to back-office reporting functions, which allowed them to view reports such as top-selling items, VAT reports, and revenue generated.

Karen is extremely impressed with her products and said “Card payments are much quicker (and are linked to the till so no need to input amounts into the payment system). The handheld till is used every time a queue forms in the shop, it really is the queue buster we needed it to be!

I would have no hesitation in recommending Emergo. They are a local company and couldn’t have been more helpful. I know that if we need any changes, they are a phone call away.”

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Customisable EPOS solution

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