Michelangelo Bar & Restaurant

Case Studies

The challenge

The Michelangelo bar and restaurant had never before used an EPOS system. This impacted the restaurant as they struggled to maintain customer satisfaction. Without an effective EPOS system, they had to take individual prices from the menu and calculate the total before accepting payments. This process was long and outdated. Other simple tasks couldn’t be streamlined because they didn’t have an EPOS system.

Losing customers and not having enough repeat business is every business owner’s worst nightmare. These were issues that Michelangelo faced. This resulted in negative customer feedback and their sales declining. The owners were unable to focus on important tasks due to payment issues. We immediately got in touch with the restaurant to offer them a solution to the problems they were facing. Continue reading to learn how we helped Michelangelo.



The Solution

  • 1x Fixed EPOS Till.

The Results

We helped Michelangelo by offering them a fixed EPOS till. The till has now been installed at the Michelangelo Bar & Restaurant for some time, allowing them to take orders quickly and avoid having customers wait in line. The till is ideal for the bar and kitchen because it allows them to take orders and send them directly to the cooking area, keeping chefs informed of orders.

The EPOS system enabled the restaurant staff to provide excellent customer service while also keeping track of orders. The owners could focus on more important tasks such as managing finances and reports. 

The restaurant’s owners immediately noticed an increase in sales and positive customer feedback. Everyone is satisfied with the new EPOS system and it has transformed their restaurant. Customers now express a desire to return and encourage friends and family to do the same. With the help of Emergo, the Michelangelo Bar & Restaurant’s payment system has improved, and we are thrilled to see them succeed.


How can we help you?

We enjoy sharing our success stories, and we would be delighted to assist you. If you require a new EPOS system, please contact us for a customised quote. Our helpful sales team will work with you to find the best solution for your business.

You can also check out our blog section for more tips and advice to help your business succeed. You can also look at our other case studies, which feature all of the fantastic businesses we’ve already helped.

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