Revolutionise Your Loyalty Program with Our Loyalty Solution

Whether you’re looking for traditional loyalty programmes or something more innovative, such as gamification or interactive games, our modern loyalty solution can make your customers feel valued. Create your loyalty programme today and show your customers how much you appreciate them.

Get rid of paper loyalty cards for good! Our modern loyalty programme turns customer payment cards into loyalty cards. It’s as simple as making a purchase at your business – no personal information is needed! No stamp cards, no apps, and no tedious customer data requests. When customers use their cards or Apple Pay to make a purchase, our card machine remembers their details and gives them the chance to join your loyalty programme.

Our loyalty solution gives you the ability to customise your loyalty campaigns, plus it’s free to set up and deploy – making it the perfect way to offer amazing rewards to your customers.

  • No loyalty cards.
  • No personal data.
  • Create and deploy campaigns in minutes.
  • Short-term/seasonal campaigns can be used to drive sales during low-trade periods.

Why Choose Our Loyalty Solution?

Customers Can Earn Points While Having Fun

Use gamification and fun interactive games to engage customers with your loyalty programme. Give your customers something fun to do while they earn points.

Customise Your Campaigns For Maximum Impact

You configure campaigns through a simple web-based campaign portal, which allows you to create percentage or fixed-value offers as well as redemption conditions (minimum spend, valid days, date range, etc).

Drive More Repeat Customers With Rewards

Build customer loyalty with unique rewards. With our loyalty solution. You decide on the rules. For example: On your customer’s fifth visit, treat them with a free item or offer an exclusive discount!

Unlock Powerful Data For Your Business

With our advanced analytics tools, you’ll have instant access to critical insights that allow you to track your campaign performance, measure ROI, and identify the most effective promotions.

Ready to Reward Your Customers in Style?

Transform your customer experience and drive revenue growth with our cutting-edge loyalty solution.

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