Introducing Go Eat: The outstanding online platform

Go Eat

What is Go Eat?

We are thrilled to introduce Go Eat. Our advanced and unique product is an online ordering platform that allows your business to have a digital presence without breaking the bank. Our product launched in 2022 and is already helping businesses process orders at a fraction of the usual cost.

Go Eat online ordering solution provides you with a custom website for your business. Unlike other companies that are made for one sector, all businesses have the opportunity to use our platform to sell their products.

Simply upload your products to your online store and you’ll be able to start selling instantly. Our partnership with Stripe means you can accept payments online and create a diverse revenue stream.

With your store customisation, we provide endless possibilities. Add your company logo, images, brand colours, and product photos to make your store stand out. Our platform enables businesses to differentiate themselves from the competition at a fraction of the cost.

The story of Go Eat

Go Eat provides quality online ordering for your company and customers. At Emergo we believe that online is a bigger part of the customer journey than it is currently given credit for. We feel that business should represent their offering across all channels whether physical or digital.

So many businesses struggle to have an online ordering platform that is simple for customers to use while also being cost-effective. The online ordering platform market is dominated by alternative companies such as Deliveroo, Uber Eats, and Just Eat. If you’ve already signed up with them or are considering doing so, they take up to 30% of your order value while pitching you on a platform against your competitors.

So why is Go Eat so different?

Go Eat has many unique features, but our primary goal is to be a platform where businesses can get orders and keep their profits. So, as a business owner, do you think you should be charged a high fee for existing customers?

We don’t think you should. This is why we’ve created Go Eat. Take orders for a fraction of the price of the other major ordering sites. Customers come to you directly, and you benefit from lower transaction fees by allowing them to come to you rather than shopping around.

Go Eat was also created to provide a streamlined ordering experience for both customers and businesses. Our product removes all barriers to online ordering and was created with both users in mind.

Our online ordering platform that’s got it all

Signing up is simple, quick, and effortless. Go Eat is free to use and we have payment processing fees of 2.4% + 20p per transaction.  No setup fee, no contracts, hidden fees, or surprises.

The platform itself is adaptable, tailor-made for you, and offers the best value. So, what exactly does the platform provide?

  • Quick online store setup.
  • Create your customised storefront, and add your logo, and brand colours.
  • Add your products, categories, and modifiers.
  • No contract, no sign-up fee, no hidden costs.
  • Get access to back-end reporting features.
  • Get a unique URL and QR code to share your site.
  • Easy and simple checkout process for customers. No need to create an account or sign in, simply enter contact details and pay.
  • Customise your delivery and fulfilment rules. This includes information on delivery charges, having collection only services and your delivery radius.

What problems does Go Eat solve?

For many years, our CEO, Les Jeal, has had the passion, vision, and urgency to create products/services for businesses to make their lives as easy as possible. Go Eat, our newest advanced product does just that.

Go Eat is not only the cheapest, highest-quality online ordering platform, but it also gives your business the ability to promote, amplify, and improve its online order experience for your customers.

Consider the possibility that your company can reach all of its customers. You can have a strong online presence, multiple income streams, and be far ahead of the competition… Go Eat helps businesses grow.

Find out more

More information is available on the Go Eat page. You can also sign up right away. Our four-step signup process allows you to have your online store up and running in minutes. You can also find more information and exclusive updates and news on our Facebook and Instagram page.

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