Prepare your business for fast, efficient, and secure payments! You’ll be able to accept contactless payments and chip and pin payments in no time with an efficient card machine. Once you’ve configured your card machine, this blog will help you understand how to use it effectively and the steps involved in accepting card payments from your customers. Using your card machine correctly and to its full potential will help your company maximise profits.

How to take contactless payments.

The contactless payment world has developed massively in the past few years. The fastest and most practical method of payment is contactless, figures show that more than half of all consumer card payments in the country are contactless! You can accept payments via digital wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Pay using contactless methods and NFC technology. Allow customers to pay with their phone or smartwatch to boost your revenue. Follow these four steps below to ensure a smooth contactless payment process!

How contactless payments work:

  1. To make a payment, press the sale button on the card reader, enter the amount owed, and press done.
  2. Request that your customer places their card or electronic device against the top of the card machine or where the contactless icon is located.
  3. Your card payment reader will beep once to confirm the transaction, and the authorised status should show up on the card machine screen.
  4. Finally, a merchant receipt will be printed by your card machine.

Contactless users made an average of 220 ‘touch and go’ transactions totalling £3,327 per person in the previous year . Knowing how to use your card machine to accept contactless payments is critical to the success and growth of your business. There are numerous advantages to contactless payments, which is why your company should take advantage of this feature of your card machine.

How to take Chip and Pin payments.

Accepting card payments via chip and pin is the most secure method. The customer enters their private 4-digit PIN code to complete the transaction. The merchant account authorises and processes the transaction after receiving encrypted payment information from the card machine. Read our tips below to learn how to accept simple chip and pin payments with your card reader.

How Chip and Pin card payments work:

  1. Firstly, press the sale button on the card machine, enter the payment amount, and hit done to make a payment.
  2. Request that the customer places their card into the reader.
  3. Then ask your customer to enter their PIN before clicking done to confirm.
  4. Your card machine will get in touch with your merchant bank, which instructs the card issuer to ask the customer’s bank for authorisation.
  5. Two receipts will be printed by your card reader if the transaction is verified, one customer copy receipt and one merchant copy.

With over 100 million chip and pin cards in circulation in the UK, consumers expect to be able to pay with their card, both contactless and with a pin. There are many advantages to accepting chip and pin payments for your company, find out below how your business can benefit from it.

  • Chip and pin transactions are secure. Customers enter a security pin to confirm a transaction. 
  • Payments made with a chip and pin are immediate. Payments are credited to the account immediately, quickly and securely.
  • For the majority of businesses, the affordability of card machines is a huge plus. Find out more!

By following our step-by-step guide, you can now accept card payments quickly and easily. Whether you are an existing customer or looking for a new provider, Emergo can help you make the right choice! Read our helpful blog, How do you choose the best card reader for your business. Alternatively, please read our blog post A Guide to What a Card Reader, in 3 minutes. This will help you understand what a card reader is and more.

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A card reader is a perfect solution for your business, it will allow you to transact more and keep up with the latest payment methods. A good card machine will help improve your customer service and sales. Grow your business with Emergo, we promise not to disappoint. Read our Trustpilot reviews to find out what our customers think.

Our card readers accept payments in a fraction of a second, with lightning-fast connectivity and security. This makes purchasing goods and services far more convenient and this is one reason why it has gained popularity. All types of businesses can benefit from a card reader, take a look at our case studies to see what customers use our card machines. 

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