How can Emergo be your EPOS provider?


Business owners typically have a lot of different things to do. Rather than trying to figure out how to find the right EPOS system, you can concentrate on your business.

At Emergo we provide cutting-edge EPOS systems for all types of businesses, including restaurants, pubs, cafes, and many more. Our EPOS system also comes packed with features allowing your business to be able to manage sales, orders, and stock. Continue reading to learn how Emergo can be an EPOS provider for your company and help your business succeed.

What is EPOS?

EPOS is a computerised system for keeping track of sales, taking orders, keeping an eye on inventory, and creating reports. Our system is useful in assisting a seamless shopping experience no matter what industry your business is in.

What do we provide?

At Emergo, we provide a variety of options to meet your specific business requirements. We can provide a fixed EPOS till that benefits your business when taking orders. Instead of writing down orders, the system can send them directly to the kitchen. This is a great way to save time for employees while also prioritising customer requests.

Emergo also provides portable EPOS tills. This is a great solution for the hospitality industry because it allows you to accept payments from tables while still providing excellent customer service throughout the cafe, restaurant or pub.

What EPOS features do we have?

  • EPOS stock, product, and cash management
  • Secure cloud backup and back-office web portal
  • Product measurement
  • Unlimited users for multiple stores
  • Tab management
  • Email receipts and barcode scanning
  • Allows for discounting
  • Reporting & business insights
  • Integrated card payments
  • Configurable product modifiers
  • Supplier management features
  • Enterprise support
  • Full CRM
  • Booking functionality
  • Kitchen printers allow orders to go direct to the kitchen
  • Text reminders
  • + 170 configurations

Let us discuss the features of our EPOS

Did you know our EPOS has +170 configurations, allowing you to tailor it to your specific business requirements? Unlimited users for multiple stores is an innovative feature that many businesses value. This is useful in busy restaurants and bars where staff is taking orders. The unlimited user ensures that no customers are waiting to be served and that staff can use the system at the same time.

EPOS stock and product control is another useful feature we provide. This is ideal for business owners who require a well-organized system that does everything for them. This feature allows you to see which products are running low and need to be restocked, as well as which products you have available for staff recommendations.

When running a high-demand business, automating and saving time is essential. Our EPOS systems ensure that no time is wasted on your business.

We provide an advanced reporting suite as well as a variety of features that will allow you to track your income, expenses, and revenue. This allows our company to see how successful their competitors’ businesses are. Without critical data like this, your company will not succeed.

You should consider our EPOS because of our customer service

At Emergo, we have an excellent customer success team. Our mission is to provide transformative business technology to SMEs at an affordable cost. We provide free support throughout your contract to put clients at ease. Our clients have constant access to our customer success team to assist them with any questions they may have.

Emergo provides its clients with a simple and easy setup by providing free onboarding, setup, and training. We guarantee our clients a customer success manager who will help you through the process of setting up your EPOS and installing it. With installation and setup, you won’t have to take time away from running your business.

Looking for the right EPOS system? Then get in touch

If you are tired of struggling with a simple cash register and are looking to upgrade to an effective EPOS system then get in touch. Our licence options have 3 different levels – Lite, core, and plus. We have software options to support all businesses. To find out more contact our friendly and knowledgeable sales representatives. They can tailor a quote to your company’s specific requirements.

You can also check out our blog section for more tips and advice to help your business succeed. You can also look at our case studies, which feature all of the fantastic businesses we’ve already helped.

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