Create your own storefront through Go Eat. The online ordering platform of a new generation.

Go Digital, Get Orders, Go Eat.

Create your dedicated ordering platform today! From sign up to store creation, get online and start selling to your customers today.

Configurable products, categories, modifiers.

Back office with an order dashboard, reports, and site configuration.

Move your order through different stages of preparation.

Payments are powered by Stripe.

Our Low Price Will Bring A Smile

Sign up with 2.4% plus 20p payment processing per transaction. Our calculator will show you how much money your company can save by using Go Eat.

Quality service at a reasonable price.

Digital presence without breaking the bank.

Take orders for a fraction of the cost compared to the other big ordering sites. Pass on that discount to your customers or keep it for yourself.

Ordering aggregators take up to 30% of your profits. Save money on your returning customer transactions with Go Eat.

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How much could you save?

Direct orders could save you thousands. Calculate your savings with Go Eat. We compare this against 30% fee usually taken by ordering aggregators.

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Why Go Eat?

Perfect, Powerful, Personalisation

Create your personalised storefront! Add your own branding, restaurant name, logo, colours, and images.

Did you know you can also set custom rules?

You can customise your delivery and fulfilment rules. This includes information on delivery charges, having collection only services and your delivery radius.

Smart Data, Smart Decisions

Get access to back-end reporting features to help you process orders and make smart business decisions. Know your customer and tailor your product offering to maximise sales.

Order summary.

Sales report.

Top-selling products.

VAT summary.

New dashboards and reports coming soon!

Digital and Visual

Get a Go Eat URL for your store Share this with your customers or link to it from your website.

Turn your URL into a QR code. You will be given a unique QR code. This QR code can be displayed on menus, dining tables, and storefront windows. Customers scan it to be directed to your store.

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Partnered with Stripe

Accept online payments.

Accept all major debit and credit cards, as well as payments via iOS or Android.