Mobile, fixed EPOS or both!

Choose the configuration that supports your business best with the flexibility to add on terminals to your business as you increase in size.

Scale with emergo

EPOS software that fits your desired terminal type. Emergo register software scales up to fixed units so that operators can switch easily from one terminal type to the other. No need to train two different types of software.

Save time

Emergo EPOS automates tasks and gives you
back time. Examples include, centralised
reporting from all stores and terminals that
can be emailed direct to your account, automated
stock management and commission
calculations. All saving you time and money.


Our web portal provides a comprehensive
reporting suite with a choice of over 30 reports,
such as cashing up, top 20, profitability and low
stock. Reports allow you to manage and control
your business to maximise profit, be in control
and scale efficiently.

Simplicity & feature rich

Simple to use, fast and efficient EPOS
functionality. Register is feature rich with over 160
configurable elements including all the standard
EPOS functionality you would expect and more.

Customer Management

The CRM allows you to record customer details
and link them to a transaction. You can capture
customer names & addresses, and more industry
specific info like favourite table, or perhaps their
favourite stylist or last hair colour.