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Today is Employee Appreciation Day. This day is focused on appreciating employees working in all industries. Many employers across the country will be celebrating this day by giving recognition to their employee’s dedication and hard work.

Why is employee recognition so important?

According to psychology and human behaviour, employee recognition is vital, not just for productivity but also, for mental health.

From the website Fond, “recognition has a profound effect on the workplace, encourages more prosocial behaviour. A simple thank you, will help give your organisation the advantage to outperform your competitions more than you think.”

Many businesses include employee recognition in the business structure, and keep morale high in the workplace. Many employers who express recognition and appreciation tend to have employees whose job satisfaction is much higher.

How do we appreciate employees at Emergo?

Each Friday we have a Slack channel called Kudos. This channel is dedicated to giving praise given for achievements. Not only do senior management give Kudos, but team members can also give them to their colleagues. This is great as we acknowledge our colleagues and team for the outstanding tasks they have completed.

So in fact, every Friday is our employee appreciation day. Here’s what some of our employees think about the Kudos platform.

“I think Kudos at Emergo is a great idea because it shows everyone what people have been up to and accomplished during the week. It also allows everyone in the company to congratulate one another on their achievements!” – Nina, Operations and HR Assistant.

“Kudos is a good way to recognise employee achievements, in my opinion. It is visible to all, and since we mostly work from home, it’s nice to see what other people are up to! “ Emily, Marketing Manager.

Another way we show appreciation at Emergo is through monthly team lunches. We get together as a group and go to nice restaurants; it’s a nice gesture that allows us to meet! As well as our quarterly town hall meetings, which are followed by a fun activity. We recently played mini golf, darts, and shuffleboard.

To celebrate today, we wanted to share some of the Kudos our team has given. As well as congratulate everyone at Emergo on their hard work and dedication.

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