Emergo Wins Award For Best Fintech Start-up!

About Us

We are proud to announce that our company is among the winners of the Start-up Awards National Series (SUA) and has been crowned the winner of the fintech startup of the year.

The Start-up Awards National Series is a collaboration between the founders of the Great British Entrepreneur Awards – an established national programme receiving over 5,000 applications annually

The judges were looking for a company that is disrupting the fintech sector by demonstrating a strong commitment to ongoing innovation. Our team, mission, values, products, growth, and future are all aligned with this.

Emergo distinguishes itself by being innovative and committed to the hospitality and retail sectors. Our team has years of experience in the technology industry and thus understands how to develop cutting-edge technology.

Emergo at the start-up awards

The heart of our innovation

The Start-up Awards National Series is an award programme dedicated to awarding companies like us that help and make a difference in the market they operate in. 

Our innovation and commitment are at the heart of Emergo and what we do. Emergo operates to create transformative technology and empower SMEs. Our advanced four product offerings are designed to help businesses work smarter, faster, and transform their business.

The judges of the start-up awards were looking for a new business that is disrupting the fintech sector through a clear commitment to continued innovation. Our vision aligned perfectly with this.

Our team is at the core of our company, there is no I in the team. 

We would not have been able to win this award without the help of our hardworking, talented, passionate, and smart team. All departments, including Operations, Customer Success, Marketing, Sales, HR, and our senior leadership team, all contribute to the success of Emergo and should be extremely proud of this award and its impact.

The Emergo team

Our leadership

Our CEO, Les Jeal, founded Emergo to prioritise the customer experience while incorporating cutting-edge technology. Katy-Ella Wilcox comes from corporate operations and HR background and manages the running of the day-to-day operations team and oversees the HR department. Sarah Lay, our operations director, brings additional knowledge and expertise after spending years working in the payment technology industry. 

The leadership not only provides focus and direction but also helps maximise growth and provides support to all departments.

Our leadership

Together we are all constantly working to fulfil our company’s mission and look forward to the future of Emergo.

Our growth and plans for the future

Our latest award coincides with our growth in the business with added expertise, new products, and client onboarding. 

In the beginning, we operated locally in the South East of England but now have a strong customer base all across the UK who come from various industries including hospitality, sports and leisure, health and wellness, retail, and even aviation and aerospace. 

Our newest product 

It’s not just our card machines and EPOS devices that have helped businesses in the hospitality industry. Our new online ordering platform Go Eat allows businesses to create their online ordering platform. It is a cheaper alternative to larger food apps and allows business owners to take control of their business. With innovation at the forefront of our minds, Go Eat aims to assist businesses in maintaining profits and running a successful business. 

Thank you team Emergo 

We are excited about our future and the new opportunities that await us. With our knowledgeable team and strong desire to succeed. Our goal is to be the first to offer new technology to businesses and we will continue to seek out technology to assist struggling businesses.


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