Emergo Loyalty | 5 Overlooked Benefits


Our loyalty solutions are instant, contactless and easy to use. But that’s not all. There’s more to our loyalty solutions than being easy to implement and use. Here are 5 overlooked benefits of our loyalty campaigns.

1. It’s ideal if you are a business new to loyalty or just want to upgrade

If a small or medium-sized business wants to introduce loyalty into their business or upgrade from their simple loyalty stamp cards, they’ll question where to start. To upgrade onto a tech-based loyalty, they’ll wonder if they need to create an app. If so what type of app? How do we create it? What type of scheme will the loyalty be? How much will it cost? What will it take? With our loyalty solutions, you don’t need to overwhelm yourself with all these questions.

Our solutions have 2 key loyalty features:

  1. Being able to offer discounts or free items after a customer visits a number of times.
  2. A gamification feature that allows your customers to have some fun, play games, and win money off their purchases.

With our solutions you don’t need to think about what type of scheme to design and create, it has all been done for you. To top it off it’s contactless! No need to shell out to create a fancy app that your customer has to download and you have to keep upgrading. In fact, there’s no effort needed at all on your part. You just have to decide whether you want to install it and once you’ve done that, we do the rest.

2. No need to spend a fortune on design

Our solutions make it simple to design campaigns that match your brand. No need to hire a developer and run up a huge bill to make your design look good and match your branding. You also don’t need to be tech-savvy. As long as you know your way around computer designs are easy to create, change and adjust.

Designing loyalty campaign on computer

3. You avoid that pesky ‘can I have your email?’ question that customers hate

Whenever you sign up for anything, you’re asked for your email. When you are you do the biggest eye roll in your head about how much junk mail you are likely to get if you give it out. With our solutions, there is no sign-up process thus no need to ask for customers’ details. In a world where we tend to give out personal details when signing up for anything, we are still reluctant to give them out unless we feel it’s truly worth it. Our solution uses card tokenisation to determine when someone is entitled to any rewards. This means that when a customer uses their card or payment device, our solution recognises them and determines whether or not they are eligible for any rewards, and then notifies the customer immediately.

4. You can easily experiment with campaigns

In addition, If you want to switch off your schemes during busier months and switch them on during the quieter months to encourage trade, our solutions make it easy to do so. You can also experiment with campaigns and easily adjust them. Other loyalty schemes may require a lot of hassle and cost when you want to make changes, with ours it is the opposite. Adapt them to however you want. If a loyalty campaign is not working switch to one that does work. If a campaign works better some months than others, switch them on and off accordingly. If some campaigns work better with some customers rather than others, then you can direct certain campaigns to certain customers.

5. Easy to read data

If you implement a loyalty scheme you want to know if it’s worth it. Having access to reports and data is crucial. You want to know if your scheme is working, if so, buy how much? What schemes work best? What ones don’t perform well? With our reporting features, you can easily read and interpret this data and have all your questions answered.

Easy to read data with Emergo loyalty solutions

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