Emergo Joins Ecologi to Reduce Their Carbon Footprint

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Hand carrying soil and plant is growing from it

Emergo has signed up to Ecologi, an organisation dedicated to planting trees and funding the world’s best climate crisis solutions. Every month we will be planting trees in our company forest and supporting sustainable projects across the world!


Ecologi is an environmental organisation dedicated to reducing carbon emissions. One of the ways they do this is by planting trees. Individuals and businesses that sign up to Ecologi help grow millions of trees around the world each month. In addition, they support numerous projects around the world that aid in reducing carbon emissions. Some of these include generating electricity from landfill gas, producing energy from waste from rice rusks in India, or helping to protect forests around the world.

The Tech Impact

Technology has become ubiquitous. While we can all appreciate how technology can make our lives easier and can be used to benefit the environment we shouldn’t overlook its negative impacts. Particularly its energy use. The phones and tablets we use constantly need charging which means using energy. Not to mention technological waste, also known as e-waste, contains poisonous chemicals and can be an environmental hazard.

A climate positive team

As a company involved in the tech industry, we want to do our part to help offset the damage the tech industry has on the environment. Each of our staff members are now officially climate positive! Emergo’s commitment to climate positivity for each of our team members means that their entire carbon footprint, including emissions from travel, holidays, food, hobbies, and home are offset.

Planting trees to combat climate change

We are nurturing a new company ethos that is inclusive of the environment. To combat our impact on the world as a technology company we will be supporting efforts to combat climate change. Our forest will grow every month and be visible for employees and customers to view on our website. To check out our forest click here.

Want to get involved?

Why not go a step further and create your own forest? Businesses and individuals can create their own forest themselves by using our special link here. Follow the link to complete Ecologi’s simple sign-up process and you and Emergo get 30 trees in your forest as a thank you from Ecologi! Do your part to reduce your carbon footprint and sign up today.

Keep up with us!

Make sure you stay in the know. A customer of Emergo UK? Keep your eyes peeled on our news page for the next steps we are taking to become a climate-friendly business, and how you will be impacting this!

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