The Challenge 

The club only had an immobile fixed till to serve their fans and guests. This was a major issue because it meant that their customers were not being served fast enough.

Customers had to wait in long queues to buy food and drinks during match intervals, which caused them to miss critical parts of the game! The delayed service resulted in disgruntled consumers and a possible loss of sales.

The wait staff also struggled to quickly serve customers as they would have to walk back and forth when taking orders from the table then wait in line at the fixed till to process the order and payment until other staff members were finished using the till. All this wasted time.

In addition, the club offers special package deals to avid fans. Among other benefits, packages include course meal options and supplementary glasses of wine. Guests who pay for membership packages expect prompt, high-quality service. Having to wait for their food and drink would lead them to wonder why they paid extra for their package deal?

The Solution

  • 4 x Handheld terminals that allowed for mobile EPOS.
  • 4x Fixed tills.
  • Boosted Wi-Fi signal.

The Results

We provided them with 4 handheld terminals and 4 fixed tills and boosted their Wi-Fi signal. All of their devices now had 4G connectivity thanks to the boosted Wi-Fi. This enabled the terminals to operate quickly and efficiently throughout their entire facility.

With the menu now uploaded onto the handheld terminals, it now meant wait staff could easily take orders with a few simple taps of their devices. Payments could now also be taken there and then from the customer at their table.

In addition, fans no longer had to get up from their seats and queue in a long line and risk missing the penalty goal. It also meant less stress on their staff. With our handheld terminals, orders could easily be passed over to the bar and kitchen so there was no rushing around the premises to communicate orders or wait at the fixed till until it was available again to process a payment.

Overall, not only are staff now more productive as they now have more time and energy to spend on customer service but customer satisfaction levels improved drastically. It also meant that high-paying members were guaranteed to receive a high-quality service from the club. To top it off, on a particularly busy night, personnel would be able to serve everyone quickly and efficiently.

The club had the benefit, of not only our handheld terminals but also our four fixed tills. Orders and payments could now be taken faster everywhere, including at the bar.

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Improved customer service

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Reduced manual labour

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Streamlined process

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Speedier services

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