The Challenge

The Coach House had issues with their card machines before switching to Emergo. The main issue was that the card machines refused to run or connect to Wi-Fi. The pub’s Wi-Fi would frequently drop out preventing them from accepting payments. This repeatedly resulted in unhappy customers and a loss in sales.

In addition to the Wi-Fi issues, the card machine was slow in general, making it difficult for customers to pay for their drinks quickly. This had an impact on customer service because staff felt the time was wasted when taking payments at such a slow pace, making it impossible for them to prioritise customers.

This worried owner’s Kate and Steve as during these instances the pub was forced to accept cash-only payments this was not an ideal situation for any pub. When we approached The Coach House we made certain that our products would help resolve the issues they were experiencing.

The Solution

  • 2 x Card machines.

The Results

The Coach House now has two of our card machines. Our card machines have advanced connectivity (Wi-Fi and 4G), which is ideal for the pub when the Wi-Fi goes down. Our 4G connection card machines ensure that payments can always be accepted in the pub. 

As the card machine is portable, they can accept payments anywhere in the pub, even in the garden. Making the payment process simple for both staff and customers. The Coach House’s owners are pleased with their products and the service we provided. We enjoy assisting their pub and will continue to help them with our cutting-edge technology.

Kate and Steve left a positive review. “Outstanding customer service! Amazing products and they are always available by phone if there is a problem.” Check out our Trustpilot reviews to see what other customers think of our overall service.

How can we help you?

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