Types of partnerships we offer

We’re eager to work with you, whether your goal is to integrate your technology with Emergo’s solutions or you want to promote our products to generate additional income, get in touch so we can collaborate.

Referral partners

Recommend our solutions to other businesses and organisations.

Integration partners

Grow your business by integrating our solutions with your product offerings.


Earn a additional income by sharing our unique links to sell certain Emergo products.

Why partner with us?

Reach more customers

Partnering with us will allow you to reach more customers.

Meet customer demands

Recommending our products will allow you to meet customer demands.

Earn extra revenues

Becoming an Emergo partner allows you to earn an extra source of revenue.

Offer more

By partnering with us you can offer your customers better deals and a wider range of products and services.

Great support

We provide good support to our partners so they are likely to succeed in whatever partnership route they take with us.

Highly trustworthy

There are no hidden costs when it comes to our partnerships. We are highly credible and work to build long-lasting partnerships.

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“Partnering with Emergo has been amazing! I’ve been able to provide more products to my customers as well as gain an additional source of revenue!”- (Temporary quote and image do we have any partners that we can reach out to for a quote and image or at least use their logo?)

Who we partner with?


You could be an SME who knows many others SMEs that would benefit from our solutions. If so, get in touch.


Go Eat is an online ordering platform that would be the ideal integration for those wanting to set up their online customised store quickly and easily. If you have a network of businesses this would appeal to then let us know!


Business owners, part-time workers, or freelancers whatever type of worker you are Emergo loves to help those who work for themselves.

Partner with us in 3 simple steps!

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Speak with our partnerships team

One of our team members will be in touch to discuss how we can best collaborate.

Become our partner

We’ll make sure you’re all set up with materials and guidance to start your journey as an Emergo partner! It’s that simple.

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