5 Ways to Get Your Hospitality Business Ready for Half-term

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As schools across the UK close for half term, families will be looking for ways to entertain their children, which means more opportunities to take them out to eat.

Here are 5 easy ways to get your hospitality business ready for the October half-term rush.

1. Provide quick service and an exceptional customer experience.

With the influx of families visiting your restaurant or bar, having quick service and excellent customer service will ensure your business’s success. Did you know that an EPOS system improves customer service by making purchasing processes easier for both customers and employees at your company?

Nothing is worse than slow service when children are restless and impatient. Make sure you have a payment system in place so that you can place orders more quickly and efficiently.

With Emergo EPOS employees can provide customers with accurate pricing information about new meals and products and can easily apply your half-term discounts.

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2. It’s never been easier to update your product prices.

When it comes to half-term, many restaurants and bars adjust their menu pricing and discount products or try to upsell items with meals.

With EPOS software, you can easily update and change your product pricing. ‘if you have either a fixed or handle device this will be consistent across all terminals. Employees will be able to see the new pricing and provide customers with accurate product information.

3. Make use of loyalty solutions

Many families enjoy discounts and loyalty programmes that provide them with money off or deals. Customers no longer need old stamp loyalty cards that they forget or lose with new Emergo loyalty solutions. Customers only need a debit/credit card or payment to redeem whatever offer they are eligible for. This is ideal for boosting sales during the October half-term.

Emergo loyalty includes a gamification feature that allows customers to win and redeem loyalty offers. Something fun for the kids to do while they decide what to order, as well as offers that families will appreciate.

4. Speed up table service with portable payment devices

When you’re on the go and serving a large number of families, having portable devices is a must. Bring the ordering and payment process to the customer to speed up your service.

Our portable devices allow you to take orders and payments from customers anywhere in your restaurant, the orders are automatically sent to the kitchen. Your employees will benefit from not being rushed, and customers will appreciate the streamlined and easier experience.

5. Use data to your advantage

Did you know that EPOS systems provide detailed data? You can look at which products bring in the most money, how many sales you made in a day, and which offers and discounts are the most effective.

You’d want to make as much money as possible during this busy period, and using data can help you gain more control over your operations, boost profits, and become more competitive.

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